M.A.D is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established under the Metro Asian Cultural Exchange (M.A.C.E).  We were established in 1997 as one of the pioneers of dragon boat racing in the United States.  Our paddlers have competed all across the world, domestically in cities such as New York, Boston, Washington D.C, Hartford, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, etc and internationally in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Rome, and Macau. Our members are taught the importance of trust, discipline, and teamwork.

Through the hard work of its members and leadership, M.A.D. has established itself as one of the top dragon boat teams in America.  The unique experience of dragon  boat and M.A.D in particular captured the attention of many local and international media outlets such as Sing Tao, The World Journal, Newsday, etc.  We have also made appearances on television with features in Nickelodeon’s Splash TV and most recently, TLC’s Cake Boss.  With a strong foundation to build upon and a bright future ahead of us, we look forward to continued success in promoting the sport of dragon boat and the spirit of M.A.D.